kung-fu fighters is a card game that has creatures from a special attributed world

the rules are simple get your opponents life energy down to zero and those people who play card games and don't like to shuffle you don't have to shuffle your deck but if you want to you can p.s.the challenger gets 9000 life energy while your opponent gets 4000

fire creaturesEdit

leader(lord)-shooting flame dragon(evolved form)

chieftian-flame samurai

war leader-chaor

wariors:dragon slasher,flame thrower,magma ethora,slifer the flame master,

osiris the weapons maker,lava creature#1-core maker,lava creature#2-weapons maker,lava creature#3-lava maker,lava creature#4-armor maker,extreme flare dragon

water creaturesEdit

leader(lord)-ultimate tsunami dragon(evolved form)


war leader-maxxor

warriors:tsunami slasher,water ethora,oblisk the water master,water thrower,Horus-the weapons maker,water creature#1-core maker,water creature#2-weapons maker,water creature#3-pond maker,water creature#4-armor maker,extreme water dragon

wind creaturesEdit

leader(lord)-storm sky dragon(evolved form)


war leader-tornado destroyer

warriors:tornado slasher,wind ethora,ra the tornado master,wind thrower,bastet-the weapons maker,wind creature#1-core maker,wind creature#2-weapons maker,wind creature #3-tornado maker,wind creature #4-armor maker,extreme wind dragon

light creaturesEdit

leader(lord)-blade sun dragon(evolved form)


war leader-tigrerra

warriors:light slasher,light ethora,solarix the sun master,light thrower,rayhor-the weapons maker,light creature#1-core maker,light creature#2-weapons maker,light creature#3-sun maker,light creature#4-armor maker,extreme light dragon

earth creaturesEdit

leader(lord)-hammer earthquake dragon(evolved form)


war leader-gorem

warriors:earth slasher,earth ethora,earthix the land maker,earth thrower,earthor-the weapons maker,earth creature#1-core maker,earth creature#2-weapons maker,earth creature#3-earthquake maker,earth creature#4-armor maker,extreme earth dragon

dark creaturesEdit

leader(lord)-aa'une(does not evolve)


war leader-hydranoid

warriors:darkness slasher,dark ethora,darkex the shadow maker,darkness thrower,darkor-the weapons maker,dark creature#1-core maker,dark creature#2-weapons maker,dark creature#3-moon maker,dark creature#4-armor maker,extreme dark dragon

divine creaturesEdit

leader(lord):divine dragon(does not evolve)


war leader:

warriors:speed fighter,

under worldEdit

leader(lord):Burn fireblaze(does not evolve)