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digi-destine kids

chapter 1:all abored Edit

Matthew:i'm so bored

Matthew's cell phone:this is part of a game do you except

Matthew:well I need somthing to do

Matthew's cellphone;good take the 5:45 train to des moines and the rest is up to you

Matthew:what 5:45 i'll never make it unless i run

chapter 2:welcome to the digital worldEdit

matthew:almost there

matthew:yes i made it what i need a ticket

matthew:hey a ticket

matthew: hold on!!!!!!!!!!!!

matthew cellpone:go to the basement and then it's all up to you

matthew:what a fifth basement

matthew:ok the red one

matthew:huh hey guys

sierra:there are five of us now maybe it's something special

giovanni:hey you look familiar

matthew:what's your name

giovanni:my name's giovanni

matthew:hey it's me matthew from school

casey:well time to go


(as there phones turn to d-tectors)

d-tetors:welcome to the digital world

matthew:the digital world again

sierra:why us again


casey:we did it before

giovanni:we can do it again


chapter 3:the spirits of flameEdit

Matthew:come on guys the forest terminals just up the hill

Agumon:your not going any where untill you get past me


Matthew:the spirits of flame

Matthew:exicut fusion evolution

Aldamon:huh Aldamon

Agumon:hu-oh Agumon warp digi-volve to metal greymon

Aldamon:atomic inferno!!!

Metal greymon:AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aldamon:fractal code digitize


Giovanni:good job

Skyler:You know what I'm never gonna get my spirits I'm outta here

All:Skyler wait


Skyler:see ya